Gem Residences has taken condominium living to a whole new level with many unique and luxurious facilities and conceirge services.

The site plan below shows the layout of the development, the location of the various unit types as well as the range of facilities that residents can enjoy.

gem residences Site plan

Gem Residences Facilities - Summary

  1. guard house
  2. drop-off point
  3. bicycle parking
  4. vertical green
  5. motif garden
  6. taxi waiting bay
  7. electric car charging point
  8. washroom, bin centre
  9. conceirge
  10. poolside patio
  11. pool lounge
  12. 50 metres lap pool
    • multi-purpose rooms
    • gourmet kitchen
    • steam rooms
    • changing rooms
  1. central pavilion
  2. hanging garden
  3. drop gymnasium
  4. jacuzzi
  5. kids' water playY
  6. kid's pool
  7. salt water jacuzzi
  8. playmound
  9. feature gardden
  10. garden trellis (with outdoor cooking)
  11. garden pavilion (with outdoor cooking)
  12. pool trellis (with outdoor cooking)
  13. pool pavilion (with outdoor cooking)
  14. platform walk



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